A personal blog about a personal journey :: healing naturally from Myasthenia Gravis.
I am not a "professional" or "expert" anything, other than a professional person. This blog and all the information contained within is based on my own personal experience and is not meant to be a directive of any kind. Having said that, I believe people need to know there are options and not everyone takes the same healing journey. I chose to follow my own path and heal from within, on my own, with various methods and no pharmaceutical drugs, and the guidance of a holistic doctor. That was my choice. Be sure you make your own choice!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Flowing. Going with the flow. Letting things happen. This is very hard for me. I come from a family of worriers and controllers. People who just cannot relax and trust that everything is okay. Everything is in God's hands. We are where we are meant to be in the Universe. Everything is okay.

So, I am trying to learn this. Talk about a challenge! Basically, I have to stop myself every few seconds (it feels like) and remind myself that I AM OKAY. I am enough. I am where I am meant to be. And that everything will be okay, whatever is happening.

Last week my husband had a vacation from work. While this was a very good thing and I love spending time with my husband, I had to consciously make an effort to go with the flow because my days were not as usual.

I had to just do what I could, let go of the rest, not worry about it, and not allow any fear -- about anything -- to creep in. Sometimes I was able to; sometimes not.

All of life is about learning, loving, and living our best. Whatever situations we have been dealt -- or have dealt to ourselves.

I discovered a book that truly is life changing:

Click the photo to read more about it.

If you are anything like me -- struggling to deal with a severe illness, struggling with your perspective on life, struggling to discover what it's all about -- this book will be a gift for you. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you read it, I would love to hear what you thought of it. Please do leave me a comment.

Meanwhile, just relax. Breathe. Be grateful. Smile and laugh. Find joy. Be at peace.

Stay strong!
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Sometimes we get so caught up in our healing process that we forget to actually live. And to live in such a way that we truly appreciate and are grateful for the blessings that abound.

Yesterday, my husband and I spent all evening out in NATURE. First, we went to feed our sheep and take them out for a graze (yes, we walk our sheep!) The sun was shining and there was enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away. Flowers were in bloom and birds were singing like crazy. The sky was blue, blue, blue! It was one of those days that makes you think Scotland is the most beautiful place in the world.

And it was so therapeutic and healing for me. Just to deep breathe in the fresh air and sunshine. Amazing! Why do we not do it more often? 

I have always believed in the healing power of God's earth. I absolutely believe the flowers and plants and herbs and rocks have energies which can be used to heal and balance the human body. 

After our time with our animals, we spent a couple of hours just slowly wandering the beach nearby. Oh the joy of walking in sea water, feet on the sand. Amazingly, the water was warm. And again: the sounds of the sea, the birds, the breeze, the air. Healing vibrations, all. We explored rock pools, collected shells and stones, and just let the whole beauty of the seaside wash over us.

Whenever you get the chance, be sure to get out in nature. Put your bare feet on God's ground. It is holy. And healing. It will give you some perspective and some peace. 

I always come away from a day like this thinking to myself, Why don't I do this all the time? It is so easy for us to live disconnected from nature. Don't let that happen! Spending time in nature is necessary for our souls. Take time to be quiet, to breathe, to look, to listen. To be thankful.

I came home feeling infinitely better and happier.

Be strong, friends!
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Self Talk

I do a LOT of self talk on this journey. The thing is, we are always doing self talk, whether we realise it or not, and much of the time it is negative. I don't really understand why we are so conditioned to be so hard on ourselves and so negative, but it would seem most of us are programmed that way. I believe this comes from way back in our childhoods, with events that happened and may have seemed insignificant at the time, or events that we don't even remember as adults.

When you are trying to heal, it is so imperative that you encourage yourself with loving, nurturing, uplifting self talk. Keep this chatter going, interspersed with times of prayer and times of meditation. You are on a quest to reprogram your mind and rebalance your body. 

I have lots of different affirmations, little prayers, and positive thoughts that I am weaving throughout my days. Some I have taken from books or websites, but most are things I have created myself, that feel comfortable and resonate with me. Use whatever works for you. And the name of the game, again, is PERSISTENCE.  It will take time to undo years of negative build up. Just keep at it. A breakthrough will come when we least expect it, often.

Stay strong!
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Drop Your Shoulders

Well, yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. My husband had the day off from work, but the poor man spent the day mowing the lawn and doing chores around the house. I spent the day being choked with mucus, having no energy whatsoever, being unable to eat or drink, and going to bed early. And such is life. It was rather heartbreaking for me, to feel this unwell on such a special day. What can you do? You can roll over and die, or you can do your best and forge ahead.

You can also drop your shoulders. This is both a literal thing for me, and a phrase I tell myself repeatedly.  Drop your shoulders! When you are tense, stressed, worried, even fatigued, one of the key physical signs of this is hunching your shoulders. I think of it as having your shoulders up somewhere around your ears. And aside from not being very attractive, it is not good for your body, mind, and spirit.

So, if you can just drop your shoulders you will be reminded to relax, breathe, and become calm. It will help you to focus and de-stress. I promise. Just keep reminding yourself to drop your shoulders and you will instantly feel better, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but better nonetheless.

Stay strong!
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Thursday, June 15, 2017


Healing naturally is not the same as taking a pill and feeling better in a few hours. It takes time. It takes patience. And it takes persistence. Look at it this way: it probably took years for your body to fall into the state it is in. Your subconscious (which is about 95% of your brain power) has learned how to operate in its current state with years of practice. So, it will take some time to reprogram it and shift all the old, negative, and just plain wrong stuff it is harboring.

Are you praying? Be persistent.
Are you meditating? Be persistent.
Are you clearing out old baggage? Be persistent.
Are you exercising? Be persistent.
Are you changing your diet and eating healthy? Be persistent.
Are you building new and healthy habits? Be persistent.
Are you doing energy work? Be persistent.

Persistence and patience go hand in hand, and it's a good idea to throw in the biggest dose of optimism you can muster!

My Mom used to always say the time is going to pass anyway, so how are you going to spend it? She was right. The time passes, and I can either be working toward my healing, or I can be complaining and grousing and fighting and struggling.

Let go; let God. Flow. And persist in all the things you are doing to heal your own self.

Stay strong, friends!
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Another Tool

Have you heard about the 30 Day Challenge from Intention Inspired? If not, visit their site and check it out. I have just started my Intention Inspired challenge, and I consider it another tool to use on my healing journey. As well as daily motivation and inspiration, there are things you can do every day to take a step closer to your heart's desire. It's all about making choices, taking steps, and BEING BRAVE. Perfect for we who are healing from autoimmune disorders!
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


So, yesterday was Bad Day Number 3 1/2. In a row. But I made it through. And last night, I slept for a long time, like a log.

Today I'd like to talk about tools you can use for your healing journey:

The first tool in your tool box should be: REST. People with MG and other autoimmune disorders need a lot of rest, preferably actual sleep, and they need it whenever the body tells them. Don't deny yourself as much rest as you need, and as you can get.
TIP: You will rest better if you have done some sort of movement throughout the day. I did do some exercise yesterday, but I had to stop the video halfway through because I was just too fatigued. Yes, that was frustrating because I have easily done this video many times before. C'est la vie! Listen to your body.

Tool Number 2: Nutrition. You HAVE to eat well. Now, this can be a problem for people like me who have swallowing troubles. Nevertheless, I make it a point to get as much nourishment and the best nutrition that I can. Standard equipment on the kitchen counter: blender and juicer. Get that whole, raw food into your body somehow. There may be days when you can't, but as soon as possible, get back at it.
TIP: Eat constantly. Small portions and little bites. Sip water, juice, and herbal teas all day long. Stay hydrated, if nothing else.

Tool Number 3: Exercise. Whatever works for you. A long, slow walk. Or even a short one. Yoga. Tai Chi. LOW impact, easy aerobics. Weight training (be careful - only do a few reps.) Ballet. Dance. Stretching.
TIP: Again, listen to your body. When I feel good, I still have to be very careful. I want my heart rate to increase, but only a little. Don't want to find myself with shortness of breath. I stop when I need to. I take breaks. Any movement I do is still beneficial for my body, and my mind! 

Tool Number 4: Energy work. If you haven't looked into some kind of energy balancing and unblocking work, do it now. Find what works for you. All you have to do is Google energy balancing or something similar, and you will find a lot. I try to do some kind of "earthing" or grounding, EFT tapping, and thymus tapping every day. I am investigating other forms of energy work at the moment. My thoughts on this: God communicates to us with His energy. The whole universe is energy. Why should the human being be any different?
TIP: Work with a video on YouTube to get you started. I particularly like TAP WITH BRAD. He has tons of short videos for guided EFT tapping. 

Tool Number 5: Meditation. Now, I am not going to go into a whole discourse on meditation. There are all kinds of ways to meditate, and you should investigate and choose what resonates with you. Or do different kinds at different times. Even 10 minutes a day will help calm and center you. Calmness is a desirable thing when you have an overactive autoimmune system.
TIP: Choose the same time and same place each day for your meditation. Make sure it is quiet, and you will be uninterrupted. Enjoy this time alone.

Tool Number 6: Music. Playing music or listening to music has tremendous therapeutic benefits. Music is a proven mood lifter. I have to say this, however - be careful when you choose your music. Music can be a definite downer and very destructive to your peace. A lot of the music produced today will increase your anxiety and create depression. If you are a musician, so much the better. Get practicing!
TIP: Have you listened to binaural beats or solfeggio music? It is fabulous just to have going in the background (you need earphones for this because slightly different tones go into each ear), to reduce stress, to energize you. This type of music can also be a meditation tool.

Tool Number 7: Reading. There are so many inspiring books out there. I tend to read three different types at this moment: stories by people who have overcome; stories that are just good, clean, wholesome, and uplifting reading; and books which share healing techniques and methods. I should add to this, daily Bible reading.
TIP: The information is out there. Do the research. Learn how to heal yourself. Be inspired. Stockpile your own physician's library. You are your own best physician.

Tool Number 8: Nature. Get outside. We are an integral part of nature, and it is an integral part of us. Get with the trees. Walk in the grass. Go to the beach. Sit in the sunshine. Even just sit by an open window. We must be connected to nature and this earth to be well and balanced. I always feel so much better when I have spent time outdoors.
TIP: Walking barefoot in the sand, sitting under a tree, or going barefoot in the grass can help ground and balance your energy. Don't neglect this. It is part of your healing.

Tool Number 9: Relationships. It is really important to have healthy relationships, and support while you are healing. My personal experience is that a lot of people will be shocked and dismayed that you are not going the conventional medicine route, and they will not be particularly supportive. Western society has placed a lot of faith in doctors, drugs, and dependency. We have elevated these people to the status of gods, and their methods as gospel. They are not. So, if you are facing opposition, just remove yourself from it. Don't worry about what others think, and do what you can to surround yourself with supportive people. If you have to limit your interaction with family and friends who are constantly nagging you to go to the doctor, so be it. You are more important than what they might think. Don't allow others to be stumbling blocks.
TIP: It is not unusual for family to be the least supportive in this case. Search out others who will be encourage you on your healing journey. If you find yourself in a support group (live or virtual) that is really just a bunch of complaining and moaning, get out immediately! Surround yourself with light and encouragement.

Tool Number 10: Prayer. God is the Creator of all, including you. Connect with God. Establish a daily prayer rule. Sit with God. Beseech God. Bless God. Talk to God. Thank God. In everything, give thanks. And walk through this journey holding the hand of God. This will be your ultimate source of power and victory and healing. This is the overarching "tool" that will allow and facilitate the working of all the other tools. Let go and let God.
Tip: Prayer is not usually the same as meditation. Written and formal prayers, prayers of the Church, prayers suggested by the Saints and the Fathers are just as efficacious as spontaneous prayer. These prayers have been around for centuries. You might like to find a prayer book to help you along. And, the Psalms are considered THE prayer book of the Church. If you don't know what to pray, pray the Psalms!
My personal motto: I will do everything possible to facilitate my healing, and God will do everything impossible.

Joy on the journey, folks!
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